Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment

Whether it be in the city or non-urban places, apartments are the way to go if you want to have a place to live unless you have tons of money to spend every day on a hotel or buy a brand new house. If you are still trying to climb the ladder of your career, you will need to start small. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for less. Comfort and security will always go hand-in-hand especially when choosing an apartment to rent. Never sacrifice any or both. Here are some things to consider before renting an apartment: 


  1. See the apartment in person 


Don’t be scammed by ads. You should not be charged for seeing the apartment you saw in the ads. Some actually post the picture of a different building than what they are offering for rent.  


       2. Be sure you can afford it 


The down payment may be less, but you have to think about the next few month or years that you’ll be renting the apartment for. No matter how great the apartment is and how many boxes it ticks, do not rent it if you can’t afford it. Always stick to your budget.  


         3. Know the landlord 


Not on a personal level, no. But know your landlord if he or she has policies of his/her own. Some landlords are professional, some casual, and some others, meddlers. 


         4. Know your potential neighbors 


You definitely want to know who is around you. You want to know them as you do with your potential landlord. 


         5. Identify shared walls 


Most if not all apartments have shared walls. You might want to consider if your bedroom wall is a shared wall to your next-door neighbor’s living area.  


          6. Visit the area at night 


What’s peaceful during the day might not be the case during the night. Try visiting the place at night. 


          7. Ask about their pet policy 


If you have a pet or pets or are planning on having one, you have to know their pet policy to avoid future issues. 


          8. Ask about utilities and inclusions 

Your future bills from water, electricity, etc. may not be included in your monthly rent. Clear things up with your landlord before signing a deal. 


         9. Check the toilet and the faucets 


Test them all if they work. If they do, then great so won’t be surprised the next time you use them. If they don’t at least the landlord gets informed. 


        10. Make sure both AC and heater works 


It would be a red flag if they don’t. Nobody wants to join in the heat of the summer or freeze during winter. 


         11. Consider the power outlets 


Some apartments may only come with a few power outlets. That would be a bummer if you have quite a few appliances or electrical devices you use on the daily.  



If you have checked everything on this list and found everything to be favorable except the faucets or the toilet, you can contact a Riverside plumber to fix any plumbing problems you have.